This weekend's work

When I put up the placeholder site that had been here until today, I challenged myself not to replace it until I had something that was readable on a smartphone like the placeholder was.

I got to work over the weekend, and the site you see now is the result of a few hours worth of a design process that went like:

  1. I set up a Jekyll site with the default template.
  2. I looked at the site in an emulated Nexus 5 and found that it was tough to read; it spilled off the edge of the screen.
  3. Since I liked the way the placeholder site, which used Bootstrap, looked, I updated the default Jekyll template with Bootstrap markup.
  4. I then made design tweaks, and flipped among the desktop site, emulated mobile site, and editor until I was happy with how it looked in all three.
  5. Viewing the site in an iPhone 5 confirmed that it actually looked good, and wasn’t just Chrome trying to flatter me :)

The toughest part: I made a typo when loading the Bootstrap stylesheet so it only worked on the main page. When I finally saw the console error in Chrome that told me I wasn’t actually loading the stylesheet I meant to, I fixed it, and everything went smoothly afterwards.