Can you send me your résumé?

I’ve had two résumés for most of the past three-and-a-half years:

Then I applied to a job at Sidewalk Labs earlier this week, and realized that I needed a not-internal résumé too. So this weekend I made:

The web page is optional; the document isn’t. Companies almost always store snapshots of resumes, rather than a URL. And you will get much better results if you prepare the snapshot yourself rather than relying on your recruiter to turn a link you provide into one!

I’d tried keeping a Web page and PDF in sync before by copying and pasting between HTML and LaTeX source, and failed. The “most recent” PDF I made this way still had my current address as a Google office that no longer exists.

Between then and now, I’d learned about pandoc, which is able to convert Markdown into basically anything. So I spent a couple hours and came up with a Markdown document that could render attractively on both Jekyll and under pandoc/LaTeX.

This isn’t automatic, or finished, yet - I still have to build the resume manually when I want it, and the PDF actually has a different design than the Web site. But I’m so much happier with it than with my old manual system that I think it’s worth putting out on the ‘Net: willangley/72e90e4.

Michael DeCorte’s res.cls, which I found through the Rensselaer Career Development Center, handles most of the heavy TeX lifting here.

The parts I had to code are just glue: